If we are banned, oil will go up to 300 300 per barrel: Russian Deputy Prime Minister

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has warned the world against a ban on Russian oil.

According to a foreign news agency, Alexander Novak has warned that if Russian oil is banned, it will have catastrophic consequences on the world market and the price of oil will reach ڈالر 300 per barrel. On the other hand, according to the White House. The US president has not yet decided whether to suspend Russian oil and gas imports.

Speaking on the occasion, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the issue of global sanctions on Russian oil was under consideration but Germany and Hungary opposed it.

He added that without Russian oil and gas, Europe would not be able to meet its energy needs.

Boris Johnson said crude oil prices have also risen on news of a Russian oil embargo, with Brent nearing 12 123 and WTI close to 11 119 a barrel.

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