Rekindling The Art of Self Defence

By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Since 1981, Ameer Dragon Martial Arts Academy has been in operation. Ustaad Ameer Ahmed founded Mix Martial Arts Academy, which Sir Ghulam Mohammad aka (Jago) later continued. This academy teaches civil defence, Shotokan, Bando, and yoga, among other things.

Males as well as females are trained at this institute. Despite having lesser resources, this academy produces such amazing players for Pakistan. They lack a private location where they can practise their training due to limited funds. In comparison to earlier years, the Pakistan Karate Federation is now a constantly developing organisation that has not screeched its roots across the country.

An illustrious organization AKDC instructors that serve as a link for the pupils in the Pakistan Karate Federation is headed by master trainer Mr Jago who has spent half of his life teaching the art of self-defence. Shedding light on the importance of this art He said that youth, teenagers as well as females should be encouraged by society as well as the governments to learn the art of self-defence as it was the need of the day.

Currently, AKDC graduates are employed by the NAVY, POLICE, WAPDA, and RAILROAD; He said and added that a number of his students were serving in security agencies of various countries. These young people receive guidance and inspiration from this academy, which helps them shape their lives and excel on the right path.

As far as sports are concerned Karachi is far behind other parts of the country but despite that the art of civil defence, Shotokan, Bando, and yoga are sprouting here amid inadequate resources.
Here, students learn about the significance of these educational institutions that support Pakistan’s youth. Due to their commitment and hard work, they are known on an international level for showcasing magnificent skills.

The instructors at this academy take great pride in preparing their pupils for karate competitions abroad. Many boys and girls are well-known for their work and win gold medals at various events. This Shotokan instils self-assurance and aids in developing discipline, which enhances other facets of life. There are hardly any girls participating in these sports. It is quite encouraging that a female trainer Mobeena sheikh Hameed is also rendering services in this institute.

At the age of 22, she began practising karate and competing on a national level. She remains affiliated with the Karate federation even after being married. She now mentors thousands of females on this route so they can succeed as well. She is a blazing light because of this intense yearning.

“We want Pakistani girls to be resilient, brave, self-sufficient, and bold. We want a Pakistan where mothers are black belts and a kingmaker,” she hopes.

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