Why Do we have seven days a week?

By software engineer Tahreem Awan.


(That there’s only one thing every single Culture, County, and Religion in the world. Agrees on ?)

And it’s that there are only 7 days in a week “Not one more Not one less” Christians, Muslims, Jews, Europans Abras, Asians from China to Antarctica everybody has 7 days a week But why 7????

What’s so special about that number that every single person on the planet agrees to? Let me explain!

Thousands of years ago people didn’t have an iphone or watches to tell the time so they would look up at the planets and their position to guess it!

They saw 7 planets including the Sun and the Moon believed that each had superpowers so they started to worship them. One would be the God of Justice, The God of war/sky, The Chief of God, The God of thunder, the Goddess of love every plant become a God they wanted these Gods to watch over them 24/7 so they assigned one God to every hour of the day and eventually, they even gave a whole day to each and that’s how we ended up with 7 days for 7 Gods

Days Of The Week Origins:

(Pagan Gods, Pre Christian )

1, Sun becomes Soontag after the Norse God of Bright

becomes Sunday.

2, Moon becomes Montag or Lune but after Norse

God cool become “Monday”.

3, Mars becomes “Tiw’s day” after the Norse God

war/sky become “Tuesday”.

4, Mercury becomes Wodin’s after the Norse God

Wisdom or Odin becomes “Wednesday.”

5. Jupiter becomes thor’s day after Norse God

Thunder becomes ‘Thursday”.

6. Venus becomes Frigg or freya day after Norse God

Of love and Goddess is become “Friday”

7. Saturn becomes Saturn’s day and then Saturday.

Note: Now this

the time it’s not a Northern European Gods

It’s a Roman God because the Romans actually

come to Britain influenced the naming of the day

the Romans were in Britain for a certain length of

time and influence. Some of the things, so its

Saturn was the Roman God of Agriculture and

maybe various.

But these people were the “Babylonian” weak system that got so popular that it spread to Spain, France, India, Malaysia, and even the North Pole.

Many cultures tried to change the week like the Egyptians and Romans who had 10 days instead of seven but it never worked out because almost every other country in the world was happy with 7 the world fell in love with “Seven” that number became so popular that we started using it everywhere.

7 wonders of the World.

7 colors of the Rainbow.

7 deadly Sins.

7 sea of the world.

7 white keys piano keys.

Numbers are so lucky for humans if you hit it three times in slot machines you’ll become mega-rich its so popular that even Cristiano Ronaldo Picked it up as his Jersey number 7 and James Bond uses the codename is it 7.

Scientists found out that the reason we love it so much is that we can only remember up to seven things at a time in Short-term memory any more than that and we would need to write it down so the next time we feel like your week is too long or you can’t wait for that weekend just remember it could’ve been much longer had we and followed the Egyptians.

Thought by many scholars that this was why they chose a seven-day week though direct evidence of lunar months being why they declared a seven day week is scout Vance said each lunar up of several different cycles on the first day the first visible crescent appeared on approximately the seventh day the waxing half-moon could be seen on approximately the 14th of the full moon and approximately the 21st of a waning half-moon and on approximately the 28th the last visible crescent as you can see each notable cycle is made up of about seven days hence the seven- day week you’ll notice I use the word approximately a lot in there this is because the moon phase doesn’t line up perfectly with this scheduled as such as far back as the sixth century BC which incidentally, is also around the time the Jews were captives in Babylon the Babylonians would sometimes have three seven-day weeks followed by an eight to nine-day week presumably to resynchronize the start and end of the week’s to match the phases of the moon in their normal seven days week the Babylonians held the seventh day of each week as holy much like the Jews did and still do however the Babylonian also held the day to unlucky thus similar to the Jews but for different reason the unluckiness of day the seventh day had restrictions on certain activities to avoid dire consequences the final seventh day of the month for the Babylonians was the day of rest and workship the.

Writer Tehreem Awan

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