650 years old Great Omari Mosque demolished by Israeli bombing

In a shocking incident, the 650-year-old Great Omari Mosque was destroyed as the oppressor Israeli forces continued to bombard the besieged Gaza Strip, it emerged on Friday.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Quds News Network shared pictures of the rubbles of the historic masque.

“The destruction inflicted upon the Great Omari Mosque, the oldest mosque of Gaza built over 650 years ago, as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombardments,” it added.

According to “Heritage for Peace”, over 100 archaeological sites were demolished completely or partially during the Israeli aggression on the besieged strip.

Besides other archaeological sites, 2,000 years old church — Saint Porphyrius —, the world’s third oldest Roman graveyard and a museum were also hit by Israeli forces.

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