Muhammad is officially the most popular name in the world

LONDON: As per statistics on different websites established for baby names,  Muhammad is a boy’s name of Arabic origin and has a truly iconic status, staking its place as the most popular name in the world. An estimated, yet ever-growing, 150 million people bear the name Muhammad, which varies in spelling from place to place. It’s easy to see why this name retains such consistent popularity. Muhammad translates to “praiseworthy” and links directly to the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad. This name can hold reverent weight to followers of Islam, who can share it with family members as a way of commemorating their commitment to their religion. Along with its religious importance, Muhammad is no doubt a classic name. It has a style and sophistication that will withstand the ages.

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Mohammad Siddique July 5, 2023 at 8:32 pm

It was most popular name even in 1978.


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