Actress Sofia has confessed to robbing her husband’s house and committing murder

Pakistani actress and model Sofia Mirza (Khush Bakht Mirza) has confessed to conspiring against her ex-husband.

Sofia Mirza pleaded guilty in legal papers to conspiring to steal around Dh500,000, jewelery and watches worth millions of Dhs from her ex-husband Umar Farooq Zahoor’s Dubai apartment.

The actress admitted that when she saw that her plan was failing, she thought of killing her ex-husband and stabbed him with a knife in the Dubai apartment under the pretext of domestic problems. Sofia Mirza claimed responsibility for the entire plot. He said that he had planned to rob Umar Farooq’s house with the help of a friend of Pakistani origin and a housemaid.

According to the legal documents, Sophia confessed to the crime and said, ‘I conspired to steal valuables and money from my husband’s wardrobe in Emaar Tower No. 2, Apartment 405, in Dubai. And a close friend Nasreen was involved.

What did Sofia Mirza plan?

According to the initial plan of the actress, she was to steal cash and jewelery from Umar Zahoor’s locker on July 25, 2006 and hand it over to the maid.

Sofia had asked the maid to take the things in a bag and leave quietly through the garage so that no one would suspect, outside the house the actress’s friend Nasreen was waiting for her in a white car with another person. would have been

The actress had planned to run away with all the belongings but later she realized that everyone’s suspicions would fall on her so she had to change her plan.

Sofia planned the robbery incident that a gang would come from Pakistan and return to Pakistan after robbing her husband’s flat.

According to Sofia, the plan was that we would call the gang from Pakistan and send them home, they would use my keys to break into the house and steal everything from the safe while both my husband and I were out.

How did Sofia Mirza’s ex-husband come to know about this plan?

Sophia revealed in legal documents that she discussed her robbery plan with Dr. Asad, who was then working at a well-known hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Asad immediately informed Umar Farooq Zahoor about the robbery and attack plan and told him that if he resisted the robbery in his flat, the assailants might kill him too.

“Unfortunately, the plan was leaked to my husband by Dr. Asad. My intention was to take the property and teach my husband a lesson because he didn’t give me the money when I asked,” Sofia admitted.

Assault on husband

Sofia Mirza confirmed that I attacked the ex-husband with a knife when the truth was revealed to him.

The actress attacked Umar Farooq Zahoor with a 12-inch knife, she tried to stab Umar Farooq in his heart but Umar failed in this attempt and grabbed the knife due to which his thumb and one finger were cut. .

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