An American Airlines plane caught fire due to a bird strike during the flight

During the flight, a bird collided with an American airline plane, due to which the plane caught fire.

According to foreign media, the Boeing 737 of the American airline took off from Columbus International Airport, Ohio, and after a while, the plane turned back to the airport. According to media reports, the administration said that when the plane When we turned back towards the airport, it was on fire and smoke was also coming out.

The administration said that the fire was caused by a bird hitting the plane, due to which the plane had to make an emergency landing, during which there was no loss of life and all the people were safe.

A video of the fire in the plane is also going viral on social media, which was made by a passenger on board. According to media reports, information regarding the number of passengers on board and the crew of the plane has not been disclosed.

According to the administration, after the repair of the aircraft, it will be ready for flight again.

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