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Diabetes and fruits

Diabetes sufferers often struggle to make the right food choices, choosing nutrients that do not disrupt blood glucose levels, is essential for diabetes management. Low GI (glycaemic index) diets are recommended to keep sugar levels under control. Examples of such foods are green leafy vegetables, beans, dairy and nuts.

Does this mean that diabetes patients should quit fruit? Fruits are rich in nutrients and fiber, but if you eat them too much, they can raise your blood sugar levels.

Do you have hemoglobin deficiency? If so, use these foods

One of the best ways to apply some principles when it comes to eating fruits and getting the maximum health benefits.

In this regard, nutritionists say that diabetes patients should be careful about fruit selection and make sure you follow these basic principles.

Best Fruits for Diabetes Patients:

Some of the best fruits for people with diabetes are apples, avocado, blackberry, cherry, grapefruit, peach, pear, beer or strawberry. According to nutritionists, they are low-sugar fruits.

Best time to eat fruit for diabetics:

Nutritionists say that diabetic patients should eat fruit between 1pm and 4pm because our digestive system is functioning well at this time.

Vitamin C is found in green pepper?

Nutritionists also say it is a good time to eat fruits before or after exercise, because our bodies can consume excess carbohydrates faster at this time.

Fruit Benefits for Diabetes Patients:

Fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins that are essential for diabetics.

Fiber plays an important role in reducing sugar absorption and controlling its levels, nutritionists say. Therefore, it is advisable to eat whole fruit instead of juice so as not to deplete vitamin and fiber.

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