Father………! 26 amazing poems by students of class 10

Compiled By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

[The following amazing poems about Father are written by 10th Class students of TABS Academy Hyderabad which they wrote as a class activity during their English class. Their English teacher Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti compiled them all and sent to The Daily News. We proudly publish them for our readers and consider it a very good source of inspiration for other students]


In his silence lie a million screams
His dry eyes carry tear streams

His smile is wide but it ain’t bright
In his eyes I witness a certain fright

He fears that we might not be happy enough
But he cares for us even if the times are tough

He may not be the best person born ever
But he is my role model and my hero forever

His status in my eyes is so high
That it teared open and crossed the sky

I won’t trade the dust of my father’s feet
For the heaven that is under my mother’s feet

Sharya Kazmi


O my dear father
You are an invincible commander
You are my strongest motivation
My biggest inspiration, and best companion

All the hardships that you face
I wish I can displace
All the problems that you are going through
I really want to make them few

Whatever I learn from you
I want to do same as you
I see every step you take
And trying each step you make

For all the happiness that I have
I want to give you credit for that
Like you I want to be bold and smart
Because I love you with true heart

-Hadiqa Hoorain


Dear father you are my superhero
Without you i am zero
You are my love my everything
As you are my king
Father you mean alot to me
Whenever I am in danger you don’t let me flee
You are a man with golden heart
As our bond can never apart
Dear father you are my superhero
Without you i am zero

-Kirpa Raj


I asked a gift
From my dear God
And saw you smiling a lot
Whenever I was left like a pebble on the sea
I saw you rising with a glorious glee
You make me shine like a rainbow above
Dispersed in colors drowned in relief

-Maryam Luqman

Father father father
A torch bearer
A man of principle
A man who devotes itself

Father father father
A treasure of love
A father who make me to dream
A father who made me what I am

Father father father
You have bear many things
I wonder how a father fulfil the wishes
To make children glade
You are the one for whom
I pray day and night

Father father father
I am afraid of that day
You wouldn’t be with me
I wonder how alone I would be
No wonder how painful that day would be
After you who will be with me

Father father father
You made me the pearl of your eyes
You made me to blossom
Father father father

-Farwa Abro


Shining moon and dark nights
Me looking at my dad crying
Despite of all the tears and despair
Reacting like he is all fine

From holding my hand, making me walk
The one who never, let me stop
For all the joys, the comfort he brought
My father is the best of all

For his hand on my head,
the proudest he was
When he saw his daughter, succeeding it all
The one who always called me his ‘charm’
The Gem himself is,
the best of all

-Amna Miran


Oh father oh father
I want to let you know
You mean everything to me
Everything, I am today
Is just because of you father

Oh father oh father
Everyone has an inspiration
But mine is you
Every wish that is my heart
You fulfil it without saying

Oh father oh father
Weather I rise or fall

You always appreciate me,
Motivate me , support me and hold me

When ever I feel depressed or sad
You were always with me
When ever I was on my knees

You gave me the strength to stand on my feet

Oh father oh father I wish the best for you
Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a father just like you

-Maryam Sajjad Ali Rind


A man with beautiful smile and beautiful heart
Whom I have known since I was child
He is my idol one and I am his beloved one
He is my father

He works day in and day out just to see his family happy
His hands are old while mine are young

Even when I group out the whole world together

No one can fill the place of my father in my heart

-Tabarka Khokhar


Oh my dear baba
Oh my dear baba

Million things I want
Billion things you gave me
No words to tell you that you are my strength

You made lordship for me
You made building’s for me
Whenever I fall down you hold my little hands

How wide and deep you love
I can’t explain how much you love me
How lucky I am that you are my baba

-Dua Bhutto


Father Father Father
you are the best and unique person
My inspiration and supporter
Strong motivator
My companion and guider
My greatest strength

For me , you are the sculptor of my life
Who struggled whole life to give us shelter
Protect me from hard sunshine
From hard season
You are the heaven on earth

Father father father
You encourage me to chase my dreams
You taught me that work hard , dream big and achieve it
With you father , I feel safe and secure
You know the inner and outer of me

Father father father
At the high blur sky
Warm of summer
Either in pain or happiness
I always remember you oh father !

Father father
I love you as no one can do

Words for me are not enough

To express my feelings about you

Father father
When you are here
I have nothing to fear
You hold me when i cry
You have faith in me even i fail _

-Faryal Abro


Father you support me in every situation
and love me without any expectations
you’ve made me an apple of your eye
and you never let my wishes die
you are the shadow of a tree for me
and I won’t let you free from me

-Maryam Memon


Father, Father, Father
Oh my father you are like the tree
Who gave me the shade
Who fulfill all my wishes
When no one hold me
You were who hold my hand and cheer me
Father, Father, Father
I remember I was a child
Who can’t tie the shoes
You were who believe me
You made me strong
You was supporter of me

Father, Father, Father
Without you I am alone
I weep all night but no one wipe my tear
Look I now I am so alone without you
I miss you so much as no one can do

-Syeda Zehra


You tought me how to fly .
And the limit is not the sky.
How to pray ,is hard to guess .
May you have whatever you chase.
For this I want to show all of my honesty.
And when it comes to my life literally ! You are my referee.
I want to hold your hand for the rest of my life .
May you have a long life.
You are the light that I always follow .
And I regard this to my sweet fellow.

-Manail Shah


Love of Father, is bulletproof.
For admitting this we don’t need proof.
I am not afraid of this world , anymore.
Cause you are my one , and only shore.
You were there for me through all the times I cried, and brought me chicken fried .
you are the brightest star in my universe .
you are the one who will love me even at my worst .
you are the moonlight ,
you are the starlight.
I want to listen your fairy tales the whole night .
sugar bush like no other and, that is my captivating father.

-Manail Shah


Father, my dear father
You must have some kind of dream
But you make yourself taste the life of cream
Just how it melts in the rays of sun
In front of your dream, you just started being so numb

Just take a step and follow your ambition
But you will say we are your dream
Not gonna make those hands rough
Not always in the work you have to be tough
When you are the door of paradise
Then I wanna feel how the heaven would be

Just don’t be depressed
Stop and take rest
You have really worked hard
Not gonna lie, you are the best!

-Warisha Batool


Oh daddy oh daddy
You are like my teddy
When ever l need you
You are always with me
You are my superhero
You are my support and you have motivated me for everything
You are my light that shines even at darkest night
I love you daddy

-Deesha Rathi



I want to know ,
A little girl needs her daddy ,
To hold her tightly when she is afraid and keep her safe from harm,
Sometimes I pout and sometimes I shout ,
But you are always there for me

-Minahil Khan


I feel safe when you are with me,
You show me fun things to do,
You care for me,
Every day you make me happy,
You have loved me and held my hand since my birth,
My hand print and hand made art,
You are always in my heart,
I’m so glad that you are my dad,
You are my super hero

-Minahil Khan


Dear father,
My lovely father,
There is no one like you,
You are the sunshine of our house

Daddy O Daddy,
You are my hero, And that’s the truth,
And I will always look to you throughout my youth

I’m so glad that you are my dad,
You’re one in a million, my lovely dad

You are my king,
And I will always love your song whenever you will sing

You always hold my hand,
Through all the good times and bad,
And you always took a stand

Dear daddy,
Our bond is pure,
And I’m very sure

Daddy, you are the best, Without you I’m the worst

Daddy, I love you so much!
I’m so lucky to have you in my life



I don’t need money
I need you
Because I’m nothing
Without you
You are my greatest support
And the biggest comfort
You are my strongest motivation
You are most wonderful friend and companion
Your voice makes me strong
Teaching me what’s right and wrong
Your smile says it all
Father I love you more than all

-Emaniya Gujjar


Opened eye in bright ,
Held your hand and walked tight,

There were the hand,
Most hardest tanned,

Hiding every hurdles behind a smile,
Saving us from the agony of life

Only if I had the treasure of words
Only then I can describe him

-Dua Tariq


When I opened my eyes
I saw you holding my hands
When I opened my eyes
I saw you holding me in your arms

Whenever I sleep
I hug the memories and sleep tight
Because whenever I am on steep
I feel my burden light

-Noor Fatima


You are the one who held my little hands
And guided me the right way
When I was small

You are the one who caught me
Whenever I fell

Your support is always gratifying for me
Your smile makes me calm
You are the one who always defend me
You are the one who brought me up like a princess
Oh father your love is deep as ocean
And pure as diamond
I feel so proud whenever I think that you are my father
Thanks for everything you did for me

-Dua Samo


Oh my beloved beloved father
You are my hero
You are my inspiration
You motivate me and make me understand
You are my sunshine
You protect me from dark evil of this world

Oh my beloved beloved father
You have done every possible thing for me
You give me confidence to face this world
You make me a better person
Yuu never left me alone when
I was scared of my fears
And I believe that hereafter you
Will be in paradise
Because of your good deeds
Oh my beloved beloved father

-Nisa Channa


Oh father oh father
I feel safe when you are with me
You show me fun things to do
You make my life much better
You are the best father
Oh my daddy oh my father

-Mashal Sehto


O, father
When you are with me
I fell safe and fearless

O, father
You make my life wonderful
You make my life joyful

O, father
You suffer many troubles
To make children happy

Vishal Jagwani

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