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Heatwave: Experts advise how to protect skin during sizzling weather

Skin allergies and heat rashes are most common during the scorching months, says skin specialist
May 27, 2024
Heatwave: Experts advise how to protect skin during sizzling weather
Men ride on a motorbike as they cover their heads with a wet cloth to cool off and to avoid sunlight, during a hot summer day, as the heatwave continues in Jacobabad, Pakistan May 26, 2024. — Reuters
ISLAMABAD: Skin specialists have warned that citizens need to adopt adequate steps to avoid skin ailments during the current weather conditions as harsh ultraviolet rays and the increasing humidity can lead to a lot of sweating, which in turn results in skin ailments like skin burns and infections.

Talking to PTV News channel on Monday, a renowned skin specialist Dr Mubashir Mushtaq Daha said that skin allergies and heat rashes are most common during the scorching months when the mercury shoots up, adding, that sunburn can increase the chance of skin cancer.

However, citizens should protect their skin from harmful rays all year round, but especially in the extra-sunny days of summer, he added.

The specialist further explained that the sun and heat can dry out your skin. Dry skin in the summer can occur due to a variety of factors, such as excessive sun exposure, hot showers, and not drinking enough water.

The cases of fungal infection are at their peak this summer. The cases are common in all age groups, mostly in the moving population from one city to another, he added.

Aloe vera and rose water can soothe the skin, so people can apply them to the skin to bring relief from itching, he advised.

Citizens should wear lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen which allow human skin to breathe and prevent the build-up of moisture.

Wearing tight clothes can cause more sweating which creates an ideal environment for growth, increasing the susceptibility to infection, he warned.

Insects become more active during the summer, and their stings or bites can cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. Bee stings, ant bites, and mosquito bites are common triggers. These reactions can vary from mild redness to severe swelling, Dr Khurram Mushir, another skin specialist added.

Seasonal allergies can also affect the skin, especially during the high pollen season. Allergic individuals may experience contact dermatitis. The typical symptom is an itchy rash after contact or indirect exposure to plants or grasses, he mentioned.

Additionally, keep in mind that home remedies provide soothing relief for mild reactions, but for severe symptoms, it is best to seek medical attention, the expert added.

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