Jahangir Tareen wants ‘fair team’ with ‘non-controversial officers’ to investigate him

LAHORE: Embattled PTI stalwart Jahangir Tareen, who is facing multiple cases, has called for a “fair team” to investigate his case, as he believes that the officers investigating him are “controversial”.

“[Hold an] inquiry but make a transparent team that is not controversial. The team that is [currently] investigating is not fair,” Jahangir Tareen told the media after making appearances before sessions and banking courts for an extension in his bail.

The PTI stalwart further demanded that the team investigating him, should not be such that it “works on a phone call” and called for a new team to investigate him.

He claimed that the FIR against him was “made in Islamabad and signed in Lahore”, after which it was sent to the provincial capital “in a USB”.

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