Normalization realises Biblical Prophecy, says Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on Wednesday that the normalization of ties between Israel and Arab states is a realization of biblical prophecy, Israeli media reported.

“Remarkably, here in the Middle East, we have been actively making progress in realizing the biblical prophecy of ‘peace on earth’, or at least this part of the earth,” Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported Netanyahu stating.

“This past year, and with the active help of the United States and President Trump, we have moved forward with the Abraham Accords, achieving historic breakthroughs between Israel and the Arab world,” he added.

“After 26 years without a new peace treaty, we’ve had four new agreements in less than four months and this is just the beginning,” The Times of Israel reported Netanyahu expressing.

“This is a new and revolutionary change,” he added. “It will make a better life, a better place for all the people of the Middle East. It will make for a better world.”

Netanyahu claimed: “More and more Arab countries are rethinking traditional hostile attitudes towards Israel and are seeking reconciliation with the Jewish state.”

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