Pig -faced fish appeared in Italy

Strange -looking fish. That was the shocking discovery of a group of naval ship crews in the waters of Darsena Medicea Portoferrario in Elba, Italy.

They found that the raised shark looked like a pig.

The Daily Star reports a fish from the Oxynotus Centrinal species is known as a pig -faced shark.
It is also listed as endangered because it is rare and usually lives 700 meters below the surface of the water.

Although found three weeks ago, the news of the discovery spread when a picture of the strange shark was uploaded on social media.

The post invited hundreds of comments including criticism from netizens who thought he was caught and killed accidentally.

Once removed from the water, the large fish was taken to the port office for study and discarded.

Yuri Tiberto of Elba Aquarium told local media that, although rare, it is not uncommon to be seen by locals.

This fish is usually called ‘pig fish’ because when it comes out of the water, it looks like something.
“In the Tuscan islands so rich in variety of life, these fish are always found.

“I often receive reports of‘ pig fish ’ending up in local fishing nets,” he said.

This large shark inhabits the East Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its wide head and plump blunt snout.

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