PM Imran Khan interacts with public in live call session

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday talked to the people of Pakistan via a live session telephonic session and answered their questions.

At the beginning of the session, the premier said that it was his faith that the PTI government will aspire to work on the reasons Pakistan was built: an Islamic Welfare State.

Speaking to a caller regarding the issue of inflation in the country, the premier said: “The biggest challenge we face today is inflation and the rising prices of commodities. I am well aware and cognisant of the issues being faced by the common man due to rising prices.”

The premier then said that inflation is “not an issue occurring solely in Pakistan.”

“I want my countrymen to understand that inflation is a global phenomenon caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Addressing the media of the country, the premier said that while it is the right of the media to criticise the government, it should refrain from resorting to propaganda and fake news.

“Our government is against mafias, and unfortunately, some elements within the media have also sided with them to spread negativity,” he said.

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