Where have 10 million jobs and 5 million homes gone? Every promise of Imran Khan turned out to be false, Bilawal

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that every promise of Imran Khan turned out to be false, where did one crore jobs go, where did 5 million houses go? You used to say that rising inflation means the Prime Minister is a thief and Institutions are not PM’s Tiger Force.

Addressing a rally in memory of martyrs of Bagh-e-Jinnah Karachi tragedy, Bilawal said that today there is historical inflation in the country, he could not promise that all conditions would be fine in one day but whenever our government Bilawal said that even today there is a crisis of flour, oil and petrol in the country. When there are people’s representatives in the country, they will make decisions in favor of the people. PPP believes in people-friendly policy. Imran Khan promised a million houses, took a U-turn on every promise.

Chairman PPP said that Imran Khan you have snatched jobs from the people, you used to say that rising inflation means the Prime Minister is a thief, as much as today’s inflation means that the biggest thief today is the Prime Minister has never been in history, as much. Inflation is at this time. There has never been such inflation in history.

He said that you are snatching roofs from the heads of the people in the name of encroachment, who had jobs, the oppressive government is also snatching jobs from them.

“We cannot promise that the economic situation will improve in a day, we will build houses, we will not tear down the roof, we will eradicate poverty, we will not eradicate the poor, everyone can see that the PPP government The protest will continue till Imran Khan is ousted. The countdown of Imran Khan has started. In the next phase, PPP MLAs and ticket holders will protest against poverty and unemployment in their respective areas. ۔

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