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Why do some people sneeze when they wake up in the morning?

It is commonly observed that some people start sneezing in the morning, which can be due to many reasons, but with a little care and attention, this complaint can be removed.

According to experts, staying in dust and air pollution for a long time can cause sneezing while change in temperature is also an important cause.

The bottom line, experts say, is that sneezing is a powerful response to expel the stuffy and irritating stuff from the nose.

He said that when we sleep, we have to face different types of allergies such as dust particles, air pollution, fibers coming out from the sheets and pillow covers on the bed and the smell of other things.

Experts say that when we are exposed to these irritants throughout the night, it causes inflammation in the nose, and as soon as we wake up, we sneeze to flush these pollutants out of the nose.

According to experts, sneezing is a process that our body uses to clear the nose and this process is very important.

He said that waking up by turning off the AC or fan and covering the nose can prevent sneezing in the morning.

He also said that apart from this, you need to make sure that your bed, sheets and pillowcases are clean and do not cause any kind of allergy.

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