At least five people were killed when a speeding car rammed into a Christmas parade in the United States

At least five people have been killed after a man rammed his car into a Christmas parade near Mill Walk, Wisconsin.

According to foreign media reports, the incident took place in Waukisha Town near Mill Waoki town near Pune 5 in the evening local time in which a red sports car ran over the participants of Christmas Parade.

According to police officials, 40 people were injured in the incident, including 12 children, who were also killed in the incident.

Police said that the red SUV has been taken into custody and the driver has been arrested and is being investigated. All aspects of the incident are being investigated.

A statement from the White House said, “The White House has been closely monitoring the situation in Waukesha since the incident and has assured state officials of its full support. It has also informed President Biden of the incident.” Has gone

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