Churchill’s prediction about Russia will come true:

By: Software Engineer Tahreem Awan

After the Great Depression, the people of Britain did not agree with their thinking about the world of Churchill. Churchill was not ready to liberate the subcontinent for some time, nor did he support the division of the sub-continent on religious grounds .She said that the people of the sub-continent, at present, only felt emotionally at a level which the British themselves could rule over them. Were created for them .They should help them come to a level that is socioeconomically and academically, that they can make the right choices, and make decisions on the values ​​and values ​​of religious fundamentalism. He predicted that the Labor Party’s plan would subvert the subcontinent into such a bloodthirsty brutality that the next generation would never forgive the British …. And on the day of partition, 1947, on the eve of the independence of the sub-continent,

Churchill said.

“Power wil go to hands of rascals, rogues freebooters; all will have low caliber and straw of men. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight for power among themselves and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.

Similarly, Churchill wrote at the Yalta conference that Russia would prove to be a bloody dictator in the world and conclude that the inevitability of the imperialism of the Communist Party of Russia’s Emperor would inevitably collide on ethnic and national grounds. Churchill spoke of Yugoslavia, the Communist state of Marshall Tito’s new six independent countries. Churchill said that the federations of nations would be established at intervals, but their existence would never cease to exist and now their logical consequences would be broken and national states and countries would come into existence.
The collision of Russia and Yugoslavia and the liberation of the original national states and countries, and the formation of Bangladesh and the identification of national identities, proved Churchill’s prediction of the Soviet Union and Russia and Yugoslavia and the seventy years of this federation and the establishment of the national state of Bangladesh. From the age of forty-five years to the mujahidin to the Taliban and the terrorists, the Kloor and Kartot-baht wall of the ruling regime are well known.
The military is always more efficient and efficient in the federal system and, as an institution, has its own benefits, the federal security.
Today, the same talented characters are playing in the same style as the game they played in Bangladesh. But our cats still need lots of them and pray for them !!
The same dominated puppet ruler and their ancestors behind the veil are in the hands of the elitist parties and we get to see the spectacle of these puppets on the voting ticket every fourth-fifth year, and they know it too!

India’s neighbor Burma was annexed by Germany’s ally Japan during World War II in 1943, the country’s main source of rice for India, and after the occupation, the Japanese stopped supplying rice to India. Of This is the day when Gandhi was on a hunger strike against the British government. Churchill was informed of the whole situation when there was a famine in Bengal due to non-supply of rice, but he replied: Why didn’t he die of starvation? ‘The severity of his behavior was evident in the fact that about 3 million Indians lost their lives but did not reach Churchill’s ear and this was the region whose people laid down their lives to uphold British knowledge. Were also at the forefront of World War II. It was a black example of the worst treatment of the Indian people by the British. The tragic death of millions of people who died in the Bengal famine was a death of human consciousness and sensitivity, which has never been the subject of debate. Western researchers have also confirmed that Churchill was directly responsible for the Bengal famine. ۔According to Churchill’s wish, World War II was won, then he wanted to disintegrate the Soviet Union, but this was not immediately possible due to the obstruction of the United States. Similarly, he was not in favor of giving freedom to Indians and other colonies, but the situation was not under his control and India gained independence, thus India and Pakistan came into existence.

Writer software engineer Tahreem Awan

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