Country fears severe gas shortages next month

Islamabad (Khalid Mustafa) There is a fear of severe gas shortage next month on New Year. The government is surprised that the PPL did not bid for three LNG cargoes for January.

Pakistan has advertised for 6 LNG consignments. The government may declare an emergency of RLNG under Force Majiour. The Petroleum Division may deviate from the rules and regulations of LNG.

Qatar Petroleum has the lowest bid of 15 to 17 percent. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Nadeem Babar has confirmed the development.

Pakistan failed when LNG suppliers showed no interest in supplying LNG to Pakistan and bids were not submitted for the first time.

This situation has put the top officials in a difficult position as to how to deal with the gas shortage next month. Surprisingly, Qatar Petroleum bid for the first time, which was the lowest.

Ansar Khan, CEO of Inner Gas, termed Qatar Petroleum’s bidding as a good omen as it is an LNG producing country. Companies dealing in LNG adjust prices accordingly.

When asked why LNG companies did not come forward to bid, he said that the Australian Gorgon company, which sells 18 million tonnes of LNG annually, had closed its business. This is because there is a shortage of LNG in the international market.

Gunwar and other companies that buy gas from LNG producing countries or trading companies and sell it to countries on demand are also facing gas shortage. Ansar Khan said that despite the sharp increase in demand, gas-carrying ships There is also a shortage.

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