Hold rallies after two to three months to save lives of the people, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the meetings will not make any difference to the government, people’s lives will be in danger.

Speaking after the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) meeting on Corona, the Prime Minister said that Corona spreads more when more people gather, and if there is a gathering, the effects begin to show ten days a week.
He said that after the meeting of the opposition in Multan, the hospital beds were 64% full.

The Prime Minister said that it is time for the nation to walk on SOPs with unity. The first SOP mask of Corona is being used. In the second wave, it has become difficult for the rest of the world to implement SOPs. I saved my people from lockdown.

PM Imran Khan said that in the first wave the nation followed the SOPs, his help is that everyone should follow the SOPs, the meetings will not make any difference to him, it is a threat to the lives of the people, the nation Appeal to be careful and follow Corona SOPs.

It may be recalled that the opposition Ittehad Pakistan Democrats have announced a rally against the government on December 13 in Lahore.

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