Crisis comes in every century, the crisis of this century is Imran Khan, says Bilawal

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari says that there is a crisis in every century and the crisis of this century is Imran Khan.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the government could have used the position of the opposition in negotiations with the IMF, but he took such decisions in a stubborn and egoistic manner, which was a bargain for Pakistan’s economic sovereignty. ۔

He said that with PTIMF you have presented a new budget, never in the history of Pakistan had seen such bad economic indicators, Pakistan’s development was brought to a historically negative rate, Pakistan was divided even then growth Was not negative.

He further said that in the name of Imran Khan’s change, in the event of a catastrophe, the growth has turned negative for the first time. New Pakistan means inflation, unemployment and poverty. By hiding the facts, they are telling us about economic growth.

Chairman PPP said that a tsunami of taxes is being brought in the mini budget, new taxes of Rs 350 billion and cut of Rs 250 billion in the development budget will bring a storm of inflation.

He said that after bringing money budget you will not be able to go to the people, even government members cannot go to their constituencies and defend the economic performance, the people of this country will soon know the fate of the government, Khyber. The people of Pakhtunkhwa have shown you a little trailer.

Chairman PPP said that from Imran Khan’s election campaign it seemed that he would come on a bicycle after becoming the Prime Minister but Imran Khan himself also comes to the Prime Minister’s House from Bani Gala by helicopter, the Prime Minister himself travels by plane to the people. Riding a bicycle, whoever forms the government because of someone else does not care about the people.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also said that due to the mini budget, the price of petroleum products will go up and the prices of petrol and diesel will go up further due to taxes.

He said that tax and excise duty on vehicles is being increased, tax on vehicles is being increased by 100%, tax on one thousand cc engine vehicle is being increased by 100%.

He said that tax is being levied on laptops, mobile internet, Shahbaz Sharif distributed free laptops among the youth, you have levied reverse tax, you have also levied tax on electronic goods manufactured here, you farmers. They are killing the economy, on the one hand they are making money budget and on the other hand they are making urea expensive.

Criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PPP chairman said that there is a crisis in every century and the crisis of this century is Imran Khan.

He said that we have seen enmity towards the people, we have seen enmity towards the poor but the government has come down with enmity towards the country.

He further said that even sewing machines have been taxed, I will not talk about it further, you must understand, people know that Imran Niazi is responsible for it.

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