Dear Lord please………..

By :Aanchal Lohana

[ Aanchal Lohana is a XI class student from  Hyderabad. She has written this poem in context with the recent rains and floods.]


O my beloved Lord please bless us with the best,
We cannot pass in your test.

Since So long looking in the skies,
Waiting for the sun which alternatively rises.

We hearing the rain’s voice whole night,
Poors looking for the light.

We enjoying the rain happily,
Poor leaving waters from their eyes sadly.

The showers come down  non stop,
The poor thinking about their crops.

Crop is only a solution for them to earn money,
and living their lives as a sweet honey.

Rain rain please go away,
My villagers are facing problems everyday.

I wish we all were poor too,
So that we all can feel their pain too.

Please God try to say clouds a good bye,
Before your poor say a long bye

Bye to their families in the unexpected way
And burying their souls sadly in the clay.

O my beloved Lord please bless us with the best,
And let the clouds made them in the rest.

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