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Dyslexia … Difficulty in children’s learning process

The majority of children start reading and writing at the right age, but there are also some children who have difficulty reading and writing. In such cases, parents put pressure on them to learn and give them examples of other children. Dyslexia can be one of the most common causes of learning disabilities. If your child has difficulty learning or is poorly literate or does not perform well in school, try to find out if your child has dyslexia.

It is not a mental illness or disability, but sufferers have difficulty reading, recognizing, understanding, remembering and writing words, but they cannot be called dull-witted or useless. In fact, we do not measure a child’s ability to learn according to their mental abilities and try to teach and write according to their mental abilities. In this case, we often fail, but we put all the blame on the child that he is not interested in reading.

Dyslexia … Difficulty in children’s learning process
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. How do you do all this cool stuff? It is a problem that affects 5% to 10% of the world’s population, making their lives more difficult every day as the pressure from parents and teachers increases over time. In such a situation, we need to consciously try to understand the lives of the people suffering from the disease and the situation they are facing.

If children of the same age and class are taught to read and write the same way, then not all children perform the same, but sooner or later every child eventually learns to read and write. This process of learning may take longer for one child than for another, in which case parents and teachers need to be patient. Instead of reprimanding or punishing the child, they should find out the reason for their learning or difficulty.

The symptoms of dyslexia can vary from person to person. Some children find it difficult to spell while others are struggling to write. Some children do not learn to write quickly even in the struggle to write with their right hand or with their left hand. It is noteworthy that some people make spelling and grammar mistakes throughout their lives.

The role of parents becomes very important to get the children out of this difficult situation. Parents should look at their child from the beginning to see how he or she is able to read and write, how to spell, how to draw, how to spell and break words, and how to recognize letters. To find out as soon as possible where the child is facing failure or weakness. For this, parents need to pay special attention to the child.

It has also been observed that any kind of hindrance to the child’s learning is taken very seriously by the parents and as a result they start scolding, the disadvantage is that the child begins to understand that he does not know anything and Only he can learn well. In this way the child becomes psychologically inferior, feels reprimanded all the time, is not given importance, so he is reluctant to talk or ask for help from others. When such children are reprimanded for asking again and again, their self-esteem is damaged and they become more frustrated in the process of remembering or learning, which results in stress.

Dyslexia experts identify such children through the stages of speech therapy or conversation and give them advice on how to correct their weaknesses. Their advice is usually to bring toys to the children according to their age, through which they can recognize the letters in the game with the help of colors or shapes. Also bring them interesting, colorful, illustrated stories, books and magazines. If a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, inform the teachers about the situation and work together to get the child out of the condition.

People with dyslexia are also very successful. We have countless examples of successful people who suffered from dyslexia in their childhood. Best American actress Jennifer Aniston, top Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg and legendary heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali also suffered from dyslexia but made a name for themselves in society with their tireless work, determination and efforts.

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