Effects of internet on young generation

By: Muhammad Ibrahim Bhatti

Nowadays, in the modern technological and advanced era, the use of internet has become very important, be it office or home, school or college, no one can do anything without using it everywhere. It is true that the Internet has brought about a revolution in our lives, for example, making rare books easily available, chatting on Skype with loved ones thousands of miles away, and taking place in any part of the world. The news of the incident will spread like wildfire.

Apart from this, the usefulness of internet in every field including medicine, banking, designing, engineering, trade, science, technology, sports cannot be denied. It has many positive effects in the field of education. There were many problems associated with teaching and learning that have been solved by the Internet, which has made it possible to access electronic libraries, online ebooks, and audio, video lectures on various educational topics at home. Also, many youths have set up personal educational websites through which students can access various academic notices, previous papers, academic announcements, etc. It has become possible to prepare difficult to difficult calculations and records in moments.

Designs of great buildings that used to take years are now ready in minutes. Like most countries, in our country too, the youth are providing online services from home. Due to the internet, new people are getting opportunities to show their essence. which is helping them to do more and improve their current work. There are thousands of internet applications that they can use to enhance their education and general knowledge.

Also the addition of e-mail and the Internet is amazing. Letters and messages travel from one end of the world to the other in a few moments. What is in the world’s librarians is now within our reach. Another positive aspect of this is that every website of the global market of the Internet can be opened at any time of the day or night as per our wish. We can get the deal you want at reasonable prices.

Clothes, Shoes, Utensils, Furniture, Electric Appliances, Books, Online Assignments, even Food items from the comfort of your home by credit card and any of the Easy Paisa online stores. You can order and there is no need to go anywhere.

Another advantage that the internet has given to the youth is that if they are singers, painters or photographers, they can advertise their works to the whole world with the help of blogs, social websites and various forums. Many avenues of success are now open to the new generation.

There are students who have not only made the use of social media positive and increased personal knowledge, but also played a key role in the development of the country. Trying to improve the lives of themselves and their families by earning education, fame, and money. Many Pakistani youths have earned millions of dollars through online games. Positive and constructive use of the Internet is undoubtedly useful and the need of the hour.

According to information technology experts, its use will become more common in the next few years and the Internet will be more involved in daily life. It is now up to the youth how they are using it.

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