Government’s job is not to count only tourists, deaths but not snowfall government negligence’

The task of the government is not just to count the tourists, Maryam Nawaz tragedy struck the government and said that the deaths were not from snow, but by the government negligence, there is no benefit to the government because this dead conscience government has died long ago.

Opposition leaders Shahbaz Sharif, Chairman People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz regret over severe traffic jams caused by heavy snowfall and tourist rush in Murree and Goliath Has been expressed.

Shahbaz Sharif in his statement said that the death of civilians in traffic vehicles in Murree and Goliath is a result of administrative inadequacy and criminal negligence.

Shahbaz Sharif asked why when the citizens were trapped, why not try to get them to safer places? If the government does not have the capacity to manage even a thousand vehicles, then what is the right to stay in power? If the Scythians were dying in such large numbers, why didn’t the government know? Where did the administration sleep? Why not make advance arrangements?

He said that how can a government that cannot save citizens trapped in a rush drive people out of inflation? How can a government that can’t solve the problem of a thousand vehicles solve the country’s big problems?

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