The first week of the New Year puts more burden on the public

For the people waiting for relief, the first week of the new year also added more inflation and the overall inflation rate was 21.38 percent.

According to the weekly statistics released by Institutional Statistics, weekly inflation increased by 0.08 percent while the overall inflation rate in the country was 21.38 percent.

During the week, the average price of potatoes was increased by Rs. 17 paise per kg while the average price of pulses of pulses was Rs. According to the report, the average price per kg of sugar increased by 62 paise a week, while the price per liter of firewood increased by 6 paise by 49 paise to Rs.

The average price of beef a kg was 96 paise, mutton 8 was 16 paise / kg, the average price of live chicken increased by 8 paise per kg.

According to statistics, prices of essential commodities fell by 7 per week, average price of tomatoes decreased by 10 paise by 08 paise, LPG domestic cylinder by 23 paise by 35 paise and eggs Price per dozen fell 4 paise to 19 paise.

The price of flour, rice and red pepper also dropped. Prices of 19 items were stable this week, according to company statistics.

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