Life grows when a person comes out of comfort zone

By: Manisha khatri

Most people tend to think that sitting in one place thinking about what you’re going to do in upcoming life is a good way to set goal for your future-self to follow — but it’s not.
Not only are we circulating through the life circle of grief in that moment but also deflecting the discomfort of the truth.

As long as a person is in their comfort zone, no matter how many times they actually perceive the truth of life- but they aren’t willing to give what it takes, they will never conquer what they so desperately want.

In order to take what you want, you have to give what it takes. The sacrifice of your comfort- departure from your own personal ideal world- can be a great loss but this loss will be the only way to lead you to a good time ahead.

Life grows when you come out of your comfort zone. Life grows when you pull yourself together and look into the eyes of what lies in front of you, no wonder how intimidated you are, and say to yourself that you’re going to get through this because the only way out is through.

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