Mayor Kashif Shoro Launches Massive Tree Plantation Drive in Hyderabad

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

In a major effort to combat environmental challenges and promote a greener future for the city, Mayor Kashif Shoro officially launched a comprehensive tree plantation campaign today. The initiative took place at Abdul Sattar Edhi Road and saw the active participation of environmental organization Breathe Green Hyderabad and enthusiastic students from Agha Khan School Aminabad, Hyderabad.

Mayor Shoro, addressing a gathering of supporters and volunteers, announced an ambitious target of planting 100,000 trees across various locations in Hyderabad. Emphasizing the critical role of afforestation in addressing climate change, he urged the community to actively participate and collaborate in making the city green and sustainable.

“I believe that the responsibility of preserving the environment lies with each and every one of us. Today, we embark on a journey towards a healthier and more sustainable future for Hyderabad,” Mayor Shoro declared during the inauguration of the tree plantation campaign.

The mayor expressed his gratitude towards the collaborative efforts of Breathe Green Hyderabad and the dedicated students from Agha Khan School Aminabad. He specifically praised the exceptional work of Breathe Green Hyderabad in promoting environmental awareness and actively contributing to tree plantation initiatives.

“I commend the commendable work done by Breathe Green Hyderabad in championing the cause of a greener Hyderabad. Their dedication and tireless efforts in the field of afforestation are truly inspiring,” Mayor Shoro stated.

Breathe Green Hyderabad, a local environmental organization, has been at the forefront of various green initiatives in the city. The organization focuses on raising awareness about environmental issues and actively engages in tree plantation drives to improve air quality and combat deforestation.

Children from Agha Khan School Aminabad enthusiastically participated in the tree plantation campaign, showcasing the involvement of the younger generation in environmental conservation efforts.

As the first saplings were planted along Abdul Sattar Edhi Road, Mayor Kashif Shoro urged citizens, community groups, and businesses to join hands in this noble cause. He emphasized that the success of the initiative relies on collective efforts, and he encouraged everyone to actively participate in making Hyderabad a model city for environmental sustainability.

The tree plantation campaign is expected to continue over the coming weeks, with various locations identified for planting saplings. Hyderabad is poised to witness a significant transformation as it strives towards a greener and healthier future, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Mayor Kashif Shoro, Breathe Green Hyderabad, and the proactive participation of the community.

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