Negative effects of social media on society

By: Muhammad Ismail Roshan

It is very sad that in the present era, the evils that are being found at the social level are increasing.
However, large-scale reform efforts to eliminate these evils that destroy the society are gradually decreasing and many new things are coming into existence that encourage them. Here, the sources and objects that could be used for large-scale reforms are being used to spread evils, such as all things related to mass media can be a great help for public and social reform, but now These important things are being used to spread evil.
In the mass media, newspapers and magazines, books, radio, TV, Internet, etc., are things that can be used to carry out reform work in an effective manner, just like TV broadcasts things that are good for the people. They guide them, call them to good deeds, increase their knowledge, tell them the importance of human and moral values, but the situation is the opposite.
There are a lot of obscene and vulgar programs on TV that are corrupting the society. There is no dearth of channels that are pushing the youth towards the sea of immorality. Current TV channels are doing the job of bringing the flood of nudity and obscenity. If the TV channels were only used for broadcasting good and positive things and not allowed to broadcast wahiat programs, then the chaos that is spreading in the society through TV would not have spread. The same is the case with the radio, but today the radio is less about news or information and more about songs and entertainment that are working to influence the minds of the listeners. If we talk about newspapers and magazines, there is disappointment here too, because most of the newspapers and magazines are not avoiding to sell obscene material to earn more. In this matter, English newspapers are ahead.

Books are an asset of any nation, books have been playing an important role in advancing nations, making them think, and bringing them on a constructive path, but now there is an attempt to commercialize the themes and contents of books. Now, most of the books are being published that promote professional things. Earlier, many books were written on ethics etc., but now very few books are being written on such topics. Although today there is a need to write more about ethics and spirituality. That is, books that can be helpful in reforming the society and giving a constructive direction to the mind of the new generation, they are being used to spread the minds and hearts of the new generation.
If this change is not a predictor of human death, what will it be? Talking about mobile and telephone, this is a modern invention, which has certainly expanded the scope of human communication, but on the other hand, the evils that have come into the society through it are very worrying. There is no doubt that TV and radio have been trying to lead the society towards disintegration for the last several decades but within a few years what mobile phones have done is more dangerous than TV and radio. Today, mobile has entered every home, it has reached every individual, not only men and boys, but also women and girls. Although some of its benefits are counted, the social evils caused by it are indescribable. Mobile phones have been widely used to foster relationships between men and women, boys and girls, and lead to illicit relationships.

Another thing that is playing a key role in structuring the fabric of society is the internet, yes it is the internet that has worked to expand the vastness of the earth and bring the vast world into a village. . If it had tried to carry out corrective works and eradicated the evils, surely it would have yielded better results, but it is a great pity that something like the Internet is being used extensively for evils. being brought There is no doubt that the web world is vast, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean that those who post wrong content can’t be caught. Yes, action would have been taken against it, such people would have been punished and such websites would definitely have been banned, but unfortunately the internet has been left completely free in this regard. Vagrant people have taken full advantage of this opportunity and people and companies making money in illegal ways have systematically put such verbal and visual content on the Internet that works to corrupt the public.

The limit is that on the Internet, now a dangerous campaign is being launched to divide the society in the name of social websites. Websites like Facebook are entering homes, making men and women, boys and girls strays and disintegrating the family system. Now people seem to be interested in interacting with non-women on Facebook and so many women with non-men. Due to this situation, the relationship between husband and wife is deteriorating. Rather, it is time for divorce. There have been reports that many people have divorced their wives because of their relationships with other men on Facebook, and some women have also talked to their husbands about other women on Facebook. After seeing what happened, he divorced her. This situation has put the current society in a very complicated situation. It seems that if this situation continues, the family structure itself will change and divorces will be more frequent.
The sad thing is that such incidents are not only happening in the western world but also in the eastern countries and what is more worrying is that the Muslim society is also coming under the negative effects of social media. . Those countries of Muslims are considered as the great countries of Islam in the present era, social media has started spreading its destruction there too. For example, in Saudi Arabia, the use of websites like Facebook is having a bad effect on the people there, and even in a country like Saudi Arabia, cases of divorce are coming due to social media.
If we look deeply, this is a big challenge for our society, but it is a disastrous situation for the entire human society. In such a situation, we all have the responsibility to make the public aware of the dangers of social media and try to persuade them to avoid the negative use of social media. People can also be guided to use these means to carry out reformative affairs, as it is very important to keep in mind that reform efforts are urgently needed in the present age.
Today, when satanic and tyrannical forces are attacking the social life of man in a systematic way and are constantly trying to destroy them in a beautiful and new way, the responsible classes and individuals of the society are more meaningful and more responsible classes and Individuals have more meaning and more responsibility to do their best to protect the new generations from evil influences and tactics. Release your species completely free. If they are released, there will be more dangerous consequences in the next few years.

Today many people are connecting with social media because they do not see any evil in it, they know the evil when they are involved in it, then it becomes difficult to come back from there. In such situations, it would be better if they were given full information in advance. However, today we need to work on the point that all the means and objects that can be used for reform, moral and spiritual work should be tried to do similar work. This is the most important need of the hour and it cannot be ignored in any case.

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