Pakistan ready to be US partner for peace in Afghanistan, writes PM Imran Khan in Washington Post op-ed

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an opinion piece in the Washington Post, wrote that Pakistan is ready to be a US partner for peace in Afghanistan, but will not host US bases and avoid risking further conflict.

The prime minister highlighted the risks of giving military bases to the US, which according to him, will bring more destruction to the country.

Amid the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the US is looking for options to keep a close eye on the region and is talking to other countries for it. Pakistan, however, has told the US that it will not give its bases and reiterated Islamabad’s commitment to Afghan peace.

“If Pakistan were to agree to host US bases, from which to bomb Afghanistan, and an Afghan civil war ensued, Pakistan would be targeted for revenge by terrorists again. We simply cannot afford this. We have already paid too heavy a price,” he stated.

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