Paris: Millions take to streets over pension reform on Labour Day

As resentment rises against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for pension reforms, thousands of demonstrators have been staging protests all across France on Labour Day, intending to gather nearly 1.5 million people in their rallies, reported several French media outlets.

Unions regarded it as a historic May Day and plan to express that they have not abandoned the struggle of resistance against Macron’s pension reform.

The protesters are also gathering to tell other people that their rights can always be taken away.

Macron put forth a bill and by bypassing the parliament in mid-march, used a special constitutional power enabling the government to pass legislation without a vote increasing the retirement age from 62 to 64.

The protests in France flared up as protesters in Black Bloc began to throw projectiles at the police after an hour and a half the people initiated their march through the city of Lyon.

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