PIA cancels 18 flights to Saudi Arabia Following the Saudi government’s ban on international flights

KARACHI: Following the Saudi government’s ban on international flights, PIA has canceled 18 flights on December 21 and instructed affected passengers to contact PIA call centers and provide information with the correct phone numbers.

According to PIA spokesperson, PK 9739 and 9760 Multan Jeddah Lahore have been canceled, Lahore Jeddah Lahore, Islamabad Dammam Islamabad, Lahore Dammam Lahore, Karachi Madina and Madina Karachi have also been canceled.

Besides, Lahore to Madinah, Madinah to Karachi have also been canceled, Madinah to Multan and Karachi to Jeddah Karachi have also been canceled.
According to the PIA spokesperson, the flights will be canceled till the flight permits are restored.

PIA says that in this regard, all passengers should register their correct phone numbers through the call center 111-786-786 and can contact the call center for any information.

It should be noted that due to the re-emergence of the Corona virus outbreak, the Saudi government has imposed an immediate ban on the entry of foreign airlines into the country.

The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority has issued a notification banning the arrival of foreign flights to Saudi Arabia.

According to the notification, the ban could be extended for another week. Apart from scheduled flights, all types of charter flights will also be banned, but the ban will not apply to cargo flights.

In addition, foreign flights in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to leave the country.

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