PM Pakistan Imran Khan to visit Moscow this mont

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Monday that Prime Minister Imran would visit Moscow this month on the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Radio Pakistan reported.

Referring to a statement issued by the foreign minister, the state broadcaster quoted him as saying that Pakistan’s relations with Russia were on a “positive trajectory”.

Last month, Prime Minister Imran had held a telephonic conversation with Putin, during which, the premier said, both leaders had invited each other to visit their countries.

At the time, the premier tweeted that he had thanked the Russian leader for his “emphatic” statement against insulting Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), wherein Putin had criticised the publication of blasphemous sketches of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in French magazine Charlie Hebdo and said that insulting the Prophet (PBUH) did not count as an expression of artistic freedom but was a “violation of religious freedom”.


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