‘Hamas not fighting for Palestine cause’, Joe Biden tells Mahmoud Abbas

During a recent phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, US President Joe Biden emphasized that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian cause, underscoring ongoing efforts with regional allies to resolve the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This discussion occurred amidst relentless Israeli attacks in Gaza, leading to a tragic death toll surpassing 2,450, with over 9,200 Palestinians wounded, according to the Ministry of Health.

Biden highlighted collaborative actions with regional partners to quell the unrest sparked by the Israel-Hamas conflict. Additionally, he stated that the US is collaborating with these partners to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

In a separate development, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the deployment of a second carrier strike group and air force fighter jets to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This move aimed to demonstrate unwavering support for Israel, currently preparing for a ground assault in Gaza. Austin clarified that these warships signify the US commitment to safeguarding Israel’s security rather than direct involvement in Israeli operations or Gaza combat. This deployment aligns with the US objective to deter actions, whether from states or non-state actors, that could escalate the conflict further, as reported by CNN.

On the other hand, Israeli forces have raised concerns about heightened tensions on the Lebanese border, attributing this escalation to Hezbollah’s actions. They also noted a significant relocation of over 600,000 Gazans to the south as evacuation efforts continue. Furthermore, Israeli forces reported capturing more than 200 Hamas members in the West Bank since October 7.

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