Gaza braces for Israeli ground assault as US announces sending fighter jets

The US Defense Secretary announced that the United States has deployed a second carrier strike group and air force fighter jets to the eastern Mediterranean Sea to demonstrate strong support for Israel, which is preparing for a ground assault on Gaza.

Amid Israel’s ongoing aggression in Gaza, the Ministry of Health reported a death toll exceeding 2,670, with over 9,200 Palestinians injured due to indiscriminate bombing and shelling.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin clarified that the dispatched warships signify the US commitment to ensuring Israel’s security, not direct involvement in Israeli operations or the Gaza conflict. These deployments emphasize the US objective to deter actions from any entities, whether states or non-state actors, that could escalate the conflict further.

The movements are part of the US efforts to prevent hostile actions against Israel or any attempts to expand the war following Hamas’s attack, according to Austin’s statement as reported by CNN.

The USS Dwight D Eisenhower strike group will join the USS Gerald R Ford, the first carrier strike group, which arrived in Israel the previous week.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip geared up for a ground assault as the country vowed to eliminate Hamas fighters who initiated a surprise attack on Israel eight days ago. Israel instructed over one million Palestinians in northern Gaza to evacuate to the south before initiating the ground assault, raising deep concerns among humanitarian organizations about the imminent crisis.

As the Israel-Gaza conflict escalated, US President Joe Biden reaffirmed unwavering support for Israel during a call with Prime Minister Netanyahu. They discussed international coordination to ensure essential supplies like water, food, and medical care for innocent civilians. Biden also spoke with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian aid corridors in Gaza.

Biden condemned Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel, emphasizing that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people’s desire for dignity and self-determination. He pledged full support to the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to provide humanitarian aid, particularly to those in Gaza.

The situation in Gaza, home to 2.4 million people, has become dire due to the ongoing conflict. Aid agencies are deeply concerned about the fate of Palestinian civilians in this densely populated area if intense urban combat and house-to-house fighting occur. Forced relocation amid the ongoing war is deemed impossible, and the scarcity of food, water, fuel, and medical supplies due to the Israeli blockade has led to a worsening humanitarian crisis. Jumaa Nasser, who fled from Beit Lahia in northern Gaza with his family, described the situation as catastrophic.

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