Incompetent Prime minister will not be forgiven: Bilawal

By: Adeel Alvi

SHIKARPUR: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Tuesday said that PPP was going to form a government soon, therefore, PPP workers should brace themselves to employ efforts. Bilawal, addressing a large crowed at Toll Plaza further said that PPP Sindh leadership would start a protesting movement against the federal government for the due rights of Sindh. He said that no one could stop the movement. He said that the PPP is up to save Pakistan as well as people’s jobs. “They [Centre] are trying to hurt PPP supporters but they should know that it is their first and last rule,” said Bilawal. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Nisar Khuhro, Imtiaz Shaikh and others  also accompanied the PPP chairman.

Bilawal, addressing a separate press conference in Kashmore, advised PDM to first resign from the parliament and then head to Islamabad for the long march against the government.

Differences between the PPP and the PDM became clear earlier when the former refused to resign from the parliament and asked the alliance to continue their anti-government struggle in the parliament. However, PDM rejected the idea. Later, PPP parted ways with the alliance.

Bilawal proposed that if the Opposition was serious in its intentions to oust the government, then it should help PPP move a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar and then Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The PPP chairman stressed if the PDM remains uncertain in its policies, it will also confuse the masses. “However, PPP is clear in its stance to send PM Imran Khan home with the public’s power.”

The PPP chairman said PDM was headed in the right direction when its policies were in line with PPP’s advice.

In a separate press conference in Kandhkot, Bilawal, speaking on the Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA), said PPP rejects the government’s attempts to muzzle the media, claiming that PTI wanted to curb all criticism directed towards it.

“The PMDA is PTI’s desperate and dangerous attempt to have a pliant media, and to stifle any attempt at alternative sources of journalism on blogs and social media.”

“The Pakistan Peoples Party condemns this black law and all attempts to muzzle the media,” Bilawal said.

Bilawal demanded immediate and transparent elections in the country and said that after witnessing PM Imran Khan’s and the previous government’s performance, the people of Pakistan now want a young leadership.

“This is the leadership you will very soon see,” he said, “You will soon witness people joining PPP in large numbers.”

The party chairman said PPP was not taking any breaks and emphasised that it was constantly preparing for elections — in line with Bilawal’s earlier remarks where he had claimed that elections could take place at any moment.

Bilawal further demanding a fair and transparent election to be held in the country as soon as possible claimed that the incumbent government was “imposed” on the people through a “rigged” election.

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