RIP Humanity: Dogs rescue thrown newborn in the bitter cold

A tragic incident took place in the village of Sristal in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh where a heartless man left a newborn baby in a field on a cold night and fled.

According to Indian media reports, the naked girl was first spotted by a bitch on a shivering night who sat guarding her all night to protect her. Not only the bitch but also her children stayed with the newborn.
According to reports, the local farmers said that around 11 o’clock in the morning we heard the cries of the baby from the fields, after which we immediately followed the sound and reached there. When we reached this place, we were surprised to see that the baby There are small puppies sitting around.
According to media reports, after a medical examination of the girl, the doctors said that she was in good health despite lying in the cold all night.

The doctor suggested that the bitch and her baby provide warmth to the newborn overnight, which kept the baby safe.

However, police have launched an investigation into the incident

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