Russia offers conditions to ease tensions on Ukrainian border

Russia has called for tougher sanctions on US-led NATO military operations in Eastern Europe.

Tensions are rising between Russia and the West. Western nations fear Russia is planning to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Russia denies this, but says that NATO should reject not only Ukraine but also other countries joining NATO in order to reduce tensions.

Moscow wants talks with the United States to begin immediately – but its proposals are being seen as a “non-starter” in Washington.

“Without our European allies and partners, there will be no talks on European security,” White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki told reporters in response to Moscow’s call for direct talks with the United States.

NATO, originally formed as a military alliance to defend Europe against potential threats from the former Soviet Union, has forces in the Baltic Republics and Poland.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said that Russia has submitted two draft agreements to the United States and NATO. He said there was no other option because there was a “complete lack of trust” in relations between Russia and the collective West.

In these proposals, Russia has made radical demands, urging NATO member states not to deploy troops or weapons in areas where they pose a threat to Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As can be seen. Heavy bombers and warplanes will not be allowed to enter their national airspace or areas beyond the water where they can strike.

This would mean that NATO would not play a role in either of the three Baltic republics or Poland. And NATO will eventually have to abandon its plans for Ukraine and Georgia to join the Western alliance.
Russia’s demands are unacceptable
Diplomacy is the art of working on possibilities. Yes, it was. Not anymore.

It is virtually impossible for the United States and other NATO members to sign the draft prepared by Russian diplomats without any significant changes.

Russia is demanding a veto on who will join the coalition or not. In this regard, the Russian draft of the proposals has been called a ‘non-starter’. NATO has said many times before that Moscow has no right to decide who becomes a member and who does not.

In addition, Russia is trying to take everyone back to the time of 1997. That is, after that date, any country that joins the NATO alliance will not be allowed to deploy NATO forces or weapons. How will the Baltic states, which see Russia as a potential threat to themselves, feel about Russia’s proposals?

Moscow is well aware that it is demanding things that the West will not provide, so why such demands?

It can probably be called a negotiating tactic. Make big demands first and then expect to get concessions elsewhere.

Or Russia may have made these demands for its own domestic consumption: to convince the Russian people that rising tensions between Russia and the West are not Moscow’s fault.
Russia invaded Georgia during a brief war in 2008 and occupied part of Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014 before backing separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014 and has so far killed more than 14,000 people, with reports of casualties still coming from here.

However, the deployment of Russian forces outside Ukraine’s borders has raised fears of another Russian invasion.

EU leaders warned at a summit late on Thursday that any aggression would have “massive consequences and a heavy price”. The meeting also discussed measures such as imposing sanctions on Russia, emphasizing diplomatic efforts to reduce the escalation of tensions.

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