Scientific progress and 2020

To further expand the world of technology, scientists this year planted numerous flags of astonishing discoveries and inventions, and many flowers blossomed in the tree of knowledge, wisdom, discoveries and inventions. The sea of ​​inventions deepened despite the global virus that spread to the world. There is no denying that research and invention are two important aspects of any country’s development.

It is not possible to make progress without them. Experts have discovered new planets in the world of astronomy this year, robots have been developed for various tasks, smart blood cells have been created and much has come to the fore. In the world of technology in 2020 What’s more, you can get an idea by reading the invention review report.

Plant ready to make oxygen from moon dust

To fulfill the human desire to settle on the moon, European scientists in 2020 developed a small plant that can extract oxygen from the lunar soil. This soil is also called “lunar regulith”. The rocks contain 40 to 45 percent oxygen. Scientists have used the process of electrolysis of molten salt. For this process, the experts first put the moon’s dust in a bowl and added calcium chloride salt to 950 degrees Celsius. Heat it on a grade, melt it and mix it in the soil.

Later, light electricity was added to the mixture and oxygen began to be released from the moon. In this process the molten salt helped in the passage of electricity like electrolyte and oxygen accumulated at one end of the anode. This small plant proved that it is possible to extract oxygen from the lunar soil, which is further processed. It will be possible for humans to produce oxygen on the moon.

Home drone

The American and Swiss companies have jointly developed a drone this year, whose job is to guard the house. It not only notifies the phone app by looking at the suspicious situation, but also reveals the details itself. The entire set consists of several sensors and a launching pad. It is the first drone in the world to fully protect the home. And it is equipped with all kinds of sensors.

What is special about this drone is that this drone is completely autonomous and monitors the garden and the hallway along with the house. The experts have set the price at ہزار 10,000. Highways are named after sunflowers, hives and bees. The work of these three is different, the sunflowers are like lights in the lawn of the house which keep on noting the movement and humor.

Sunflower sensors, on the other hand, distinguish between animals, humans, and vehicles, and map the entire house. The B-Hio is an automatic drone that flies under the GBS system without colliding with the house and broadcasts video in real time. Is. The hive is the place where the drone stays off and as soon as the sunflower reports any suspicious movement in the house, the drone immediately jumps out of its hive and starts flying. It has an automated system based on artificial intelligence and is completely waterproof.

Blood “smart cells”

Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have developed a technology this year that will be able to inject blood into blood cells, then inject them into the human body and find their own way. When they reach their target, they will open up and release the drug inside. The special thing is that its side effects will also be minimal. Scientists from McMaster University have discovered the outer membrane of red blood cells. (Cell membranes) have been altered in such a way that certain organs, tissues or bacteria have been able to adhere.

In addition, they are enabled to extract their internal contents, which can be replaced by drug molecules and then their membranes will be closed again and they will be able to repel other healthy cells. In this way, “armed” cells with a drug will not only be able to find their intended target, but also continue their journey in the human body, but will also be protected by the body’s natural defense system (immune system). There will be no resistance.

The world’s first manned drone

In 2020, experts in Croatia developed the world’s first drone with a seating capacity of 1, the first drone to perform stunts and stunts like regular planes. Named the “Aerobatic Multi-Patter”, it has 12 rotors installed in it. With the help of these rotors, it flips and flips in the air.

What is special about it is that it also shows dangerous tricks. Made of carbon frame, this drone has 6 wide arms that make it move. This drone is designed for a competition, the structure of which is specially designed for wind dynamics. In the middle of it is a seat, on which anyone other than the pilot can sit. The reason is this. That the whole drone is controlled from the ground.

A unique planet that rains iron at night
This year, astronomers at the University of Genoa, Switzerland, have discovered a new planet where steel particles rain down at night. Has a temperature of 2400 degrees Celsius. The steel found at this temperature evaporates. It is named WAS 76B, the planet of Jupiter (Joe Peter). The planet is extremely hot but 1.8 times larger than Jupiter.

It is 5 million kilometers away from its star and its sun’s temperature is even higher than our own. This planet, like our moon, is constantly moving to one side, ie, there is continuous night on one side and continuous day on the other side. It rains but it rains with burning iron.

Smart band to keep hands away from face

This year, a Washington-based startup company has developed a smart band that will help keep hands away from the face. The purpose of the band is to protect against the corona virus. It is called “The Emotouch Band”. Has gone This band is designed to help break the habit of plucking facial hair and dry skin and cutting nails, but after the rapid spread of the corona virus in Washington, the company Decided to introduce him to keep his hands away from his face.

The device will alert the wearer as soon as the wearer touches the face. What is special about it is that it can be connected to a smartphone and can also be used without a Bluetooth connection and without being connected to the phone. Yes, however, if connected to the phone, users can estimate how many times they have touched their face.

Wheel jet drone

Aircraft maker Boeing built the first drone in 2020 to take off just like an airplane on wheels. The company has dubbed it the “Low Wing Man”, whose wheels carry all the weight. And the special thing about it is that it also has the power of an airplane. Its wheels open and close just like a passenger plane. In this regard, the Royal Force of Australia has developed three designs which are called Low Wing Man. Are part of the Advanced Development Program.

It is not an ordinary drone but flies alongside human and non-human aircraft and is also part of a larger mission. This drone is 38 feet long. Its sensors can be changed as needed. What is special about it is that it is a completely unmanned jet drone, which has a range of 3700 km like a fighter jet.

The world’s first smart UV air conditioner

This year, scientists have introduced the world’s first UV air cooler, which has been developed after the Crowdfunding on the Internet. It has been named “Nexus Fan Ultra”. Ultraviolet (upper) installed inside it. The violet system that sends air is completely sterile. The Nexus Fan Ultra starts blowing cool air in just a few seconds.

The special thing is that you can carry it anywhere, because it has a power bank of 10,000 mAh. Due to this power bank, this room cooler runs continuously for 12 hours. After a few seconds of turning it on, it starts emitting cold air up to five degrees Celsius. It can also be charged with USB. It can cool a large space very well. Its powerful indoor fan continues to supply cold air up to a distance of five feet.

Add water once and shake it as much as water does not leak. Normal air coolers use up to 70 watts of power whereas this air cooler uses only 10 watts of power. This smart UV air cooler has no sound at all. You can put it in two options as per your convenience. Removes moisture and throws the other cool. After filling with water, it barely weighs two pounds. It is currently priced at 45 45.

Discovery of rust on the moon

In 2020, American scientists have discovered rust on the moon, which is more at its poles and less in other places. This discovery is astonishing because rust on the moon has two components. The reason seems to be that one is water and the other is oxygen and neither of them is there, but rust has been discovered there. Performed as

Spectral analysis of the instruments installed in them revealed the presence of a special type of iron oxide “hematite” on the poles of the moon, which can also be called “rust twin” in simple words, because it The basic chemical formula is the same as that of rust. This rust on the moon is actually in the form of a mineral called “hematite” which is abundant in the natural iron ore on earth. The hydrogen reaching the moon (which is also an important component of water) may have arrived with the “solar winds” from the sun, while the oxygen on the moon is estimated to have been in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The earth’s magnetic field pushed it to the moon, because the part of the moon that is always in the opposite direction to the earth does not have rust on it, but only the part that faces the earth has been found to have rust. ۔

The world’s first artificial eye

This year, technicians at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKSUT) have developed an artificial eye that is exactly the same size as the natural eye, “3D”. This is called “ECI” or “electrochemical eye”. Spot 2D CCD / digital cameras have been used in all the artificial eye samples that have been developed before. The first is the artificial eye, which has been invented by arranging many complex parts in a circle. Just like the natural eye.

What is special about this is that just as the natural eye has a cluster of nerves just behind the retina that travels through various other nerves to the brain and creates a sense of sight, so does the electrochemical eye There are “nerves” made of metal that transmit the view to the display device or screen. Currently the reflection from this eye is very blurred, but the reflection from this 3D artificial eye depends on the number of liquid metal nerves attached to it. As this number increases in the future, the view of this eye will become clearer, even the view seen through the artificial 3D eye will be better than the human eye.

A small disk of 740 million pages

This year a private company has introduced a new version of Solid State Drive, which has data capacity ranging from 1 terabyte (1024 gigabytes) to 8 terabytes (8192 gigabytes). About 740 million pages of content.

The new version of these drives uses “QLC” technology, which allows maximum data to be stored in the least amount of space. Due to this, the size of these hard drives is only 2.5 inches. Terabytes. Data transfer speeds in all these models range from 530 megabytes per second to 560 megabytes per second.

Stealth boat that can become a submarine in minutes

In 2020, the British navy and military shipbuilding company Victa has developed a boat called “Sub Sea Craft”, the main feature of which is that it is stealth and can be launched from the boat in just a few minutes when needed. In order to keep it strong and light, carbon fiber as well as special type of diab foam has been used. It has a seating capacity of 8 people.

Blood was “smart”, the moon rusted
They include six divers, a pilot and a navigator. It is 39.2 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. As a boat, it can travel at a maximum speed of 74 miles per hour using its 725 horsepower diesel engine, while its average speed is 56 kilometers per hour. Once fully refueled, it can cover a distance of 463 km. When it has to be made into a submarine from a boat, it begins to be filled with water through a special system, two minutes after which the submarine It starts to sink deeper into the water.

For this, all the people aboard the sub-craft are already wearing diving masks and clothes, in which the breathing system is connected to the “open air circuit system” on the boat. This waterproof system is very deep. Even after leaving, it is not affected by water and can continue to supply oxygen to all the people in the submarine for up to 4 hours.

After being converted into a submarine, the boat uses its 6 electrical thrusters that propel it underwater at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour. These thrusters draw energy from a lithium-ion battery pack and, once fully charged, keep the submarine afloat for at least 2 hours, during which it can cover a distance of 46 km.

Rice quality testing software

Pakistani students developed the first artificial intelligence software in 2020 to test the quality of rice. This software analyzes rice grains in seconds through machine learning and determines its quality. It is called “Rice Quality Anna”. “Laser” which is capable of analyzing the length, thickness, proportion of broken grains, average weight and other important features of rice by analyzing rice grains in one minute.

In view of increasing local demand and export volume of rice in Pakistan, the need to test rice with the help of software has been felt for a long time, so that maximum testing of rice can be done with minimum time and cost. The development of this state-of-the-art software at the local level will reduce the cost of rice classification and increase the testing capacity and will be able to complete export orders in the shortest possible time. Is.

The world’s first cell-powered robot “ZenoBot”

This year, computer scientists at the University of Vermont have created the world’s first Zenobot with the help of a frog’s stem cell. Has gone It is a self-propelled living machine. Xenobot jumps around in an experimental dish and is one of the most unique items ever made in human history. Thanks to this, with a little change, a variety of robots and structures can be created that can be used in many fields.

Sometimes these robots are self-organized. They can also be sent to work in the environment. This robot is a living thing that can be programmed as needed. What’s special about it is that it can swim in a solution for up to a week without eating or drinking anything. It is already loaded with energy in the form of protein and fat. As soon as they are finished, the robot will die. The heartbeat cells are implanted to move the robot forward in the liquid. When it moves, the robot moves forward.

Garbage sorting robot

A company called jodone has developed a robot for sorting garbage in 2020. The company has developed a software for this. This software has a miter touch screen and the worker identifies the garbage with the help of touch screen. And the robot throws this garbage in the relevant dustbin, so that it can be destroyed later. The company has dubbed the project Douglas waste to energy facility. During the laboratory experiments, the pick-up rate by the robot was two and a half thousand per hour and it is three times more than the work of a human being and the robot did this job with 95 percent accuracy. Following the success of these experiments, the pilot project and the software were used regularly.

A robot searching for hidden treasures in the sea

This year, scientists at Stanford University have developed a robot to unravel the mysteries hidden in the oceans. The robot is named “Ocean One”. With the help of it, King Louis XIV The year-old sea-going treasure has been found. The treasure was discovered in Toulon, northern France. The treasure was stolen in 1664. The Ocean One robot has two arms, one foot and a mouth, with propellers mounted to propel the robot into the water. Have been made.

The robot is completely waterproof and the propellers in the water are motorized. It is controlled by remote control. The control unit of this robot in the control room controls this robot with the help of joysticks. The robot can also work automatically and remove obstacles in its path.

It is easily navigable in deep water and is capable of filming underwater scenes with the help of sensitive cameras. In addition to finding treasures, repairing oil wells in the sea, repairing deep sea internet cables, etc. As can be used for other purposes.

A medical robot that draws blood easily

In 2020, experts at Rutgers University and Mount Sinai Hospital have unveiled a medical robot capable of locating a vein and drawing blood from the right place with greater skill than humans. This robot is very useful to these people. Prove that those who have difficulty in finding a vein when doing a blood test. It has been tested on 31 patients and has performed 87% correctly while when the veins are clear it will work 97 Percentage is seen to be accurate. Uses ultrasound to locate a vein in the arm and identifies the desired vein using an algorithm equipped with artificial intelligence. Protects against unnecessary complications and additional inconvenience.

Corona patients and other testing robots

An Egyptian man has developed a robot to test the world’s epidemic corona virus, which will not only test patients with Covid 19, but also perform X-rays, echocardiogram and ultrasound. It will also take blood samples from Corona patients. It looks like a human form. It is named “Sierra 03”. The results of the test can also be seen on the screen of the patient.

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