Sergio Agüero predicts Lionel Messi to return to Barcelona soon — Will David Beckham lose it?

In an exclusive interview with AS, former Barcelona striker Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero offered his perspective on the current state of FC Barcelona. Despite the club’s recent challenges, Agüero expressed optimism about the potential return of Lionel Messi and voiced support for coach Xavi Hernandez.

Agüero praised Messi as the “best player of all time” and highlighted Messi’s enduring affection for Barcelona, emphasizing the strong connection Messi maintains with the club and the city, despite his departure.

Although Agüero did not delve into the specifics of Messi’s potential return, he hinted that it’s just a matter of time before the Argentine superstar reunites with Barcelona.

Reflecting on his short tenure at Barcelona, where he made only four appearances, Agüero underscored the significance of scoring against Real Madrid and the lasting impact of key moments in football.

Turning to the current situation at Barcelona, Agüero acknowledged the challenges the club faced during Xavi’s appointment as coach, particularly financial difficulties that led to institutional changes.

Despite the tough times, Agüero expressed confidence in Xavi’s managerial capabilities, emphasizing the deep connection the Barcelona legend has with the club. While acknowledging recent criticism of Xavi’s managerial style amid challenges, Agüero stressed the importance of time and highlighted the manager’s success in achieving “excellent results in a short time.”

Agüero commended Xavi’s strategy of blending experienced players with young talents, showcasing optimism for the future of the team.

The interview provided a glimpse into the shared sentiments between Agüero, Xavi, and Messi, offering fans insight into the intricate dynamics of football relationships.

As Barcelona faces uncertainties, Agüero’s words evoke a mix of nostalgia, hope, and anticipation for the club’s future.




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