The US Senate has approved the impeachment of former President Trump

The US Senate has approved the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

In a Senate vote, 56 members voted in favor of the trial, compared to 44, with six Republicans voting in favor of impeachment of Trump.

Donald Trump’s lawyers said Trump should not face a lawsuit in the Senate for inciting revolt because he is no longer president, while the Senate rejected the position of Trump’s lawyers.

Nine members of the US House of Representatives impeachment team began arguing in favor of impeachment of Trump, while Democrats presented the case and showed the Senate a video of the attack on Congress.

According to an agreement reached between the Congress leaders, the two sides will present their arguments in two days. For the impeachment to succeed in the Senate, two-thirds of the members of the House must vote in its favor. This means that at least 67 members of the 100-member Senate will have to support the impeachment, which does not seem possible.

Therefore, experts believe that former President Trump will not be found guilty in the Senate trial this time as well. It is likely that this time the impeachment trial will last for a week.

Trump is facing impeachment again on just one charge of inciting his supporters to attack the US Capitol on Capitol Hill on January 6 this year. If convicted, Trump will never run in the US presidential election again.

According to the US Constitution, the House of Representatives votes to approve the impeachment, while the Senate presents a list of articles of impeachment, followed by a formal hearing.

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