Turkey has also restores diplomatic relations with Israel

Diplomatic relations between Ricky and Israel were severed two years ago, but have now been restored.

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel in 2018 in response to attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, in response to which Israel also recalled its ambassador.

However, Turkey has now appointed its ambassador to Israel after a gap of two years, and President Tayyip Erdogan has appointed 40-year-old Ofoq Olutas as ambassador to Israel.
Horizon Olutas is considered a shrewd, pro-Palestinian cause and an expert on Iranian affairs.

According to media reports, Turkey’s decision is part of efforts to improve relations with the newly elected US administration.

However, Israel has not yet announced the return of the Turkish ambassador.

In the last two months, four Arab countries have announced their recognition of Israel, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

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