An Ode To Israel

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

You the black stain on the face of humanity,
The dirtiest devilish soul over the globe,
Of course you cannot disguise your insanity
And your filthy face behind the religious robe.
Religions speak of peace and love, you violence
Your mission is the same as that of Devil’s
You have crossed all the insanity levels
By now everybody knows your real face, fraudulence
And there will be no more your pitiless vigour and vanity.

Use not anymore the name of pure religion,
To make people suffer and carry out evil designs,
You, everybody knows have no slightest relation,
To the righteous religion and its sacred signs.
Religions speak of brotherhood, unity, you hatred
Your strength and power will abate
And you will soon meet your fate
Nothing in your work worthy, nothing is sacred
You inhuman brute, with no humanity even a smidgen

You’ve turned world into hell ‘t was like paradise
And all is done in the name of peace and humanity
Dragged it into hunger, disease, war and vice
Peoples now know, your boast is, but profanity
Dropping bombs, killing, all in the name of peace
No more deadly peace making
Eyes bleed and hearts aching
For the survival you ask the most terrible fleece
That exposes you and your vicious vanity

Whatever cloak you wear, whatever name you adopt,
Whether of some religion or that of peace, and shower
Bombs indiscriminately and killing humans, and opt
Your devilish designs and insane quest of power
You are nothing more than a wretched demon, devil,
Wolf in sheep’s clothing, spotted
Will never get whatever plotted
Serpent you’re fast approaching to your infernal revel
And peace will prevail here after your head chopped.

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