Five essential reasons why basic education in mother language is important

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International Mother Language Day is observed every year on February 21. It aims to promote linguistic & cultural diversity, and it also encourages multilingualism. International Mother Language Day’s motive is to make us aware of the fact that languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion by leaving no one behind. Today, everyone is aware that languages play a significant role in development, intercultural dialogue, and ensuring cultural diversity. It also strengthens co-operation and attains quality education for all.

On this special occasion of International Mother Language Day 2021, Global Child Prodigy is here to make you aware of five reasons why is our mother language important.

Why is Our Mother Language Important?
The importance of the mother tongue cannot be denied and here are some of the reasons why this is so.

1. Developing Communication Skills In Children
Many researchers believe that children who can understand & speak their mother tongue fluently are able to develop their cognitive skills faster. It is also believed that a student who is being educated in his/her mother tongue achieves higher success in academics than students who study in a different language.

2. It Is Better To Communicate In Your Own Cultural Language
Languages provide us a good way to keep our culture alive. The thorough knowledge of a particular culture can be attained by just knowing the mother language. People can stay connected to roots of their culture by using their mother tongue.

3. It becomes easier to learn second languages
It is a fact that children who are fluent in their mother tongue are able to learn another language in a much easier way. Because their language literacy skills already become stronger.

4. Quite Better Employment Opportunities
For the businesses going global, there are many employment opportunities that are open to the local people who are fluent in their mother tongue. So if you know your mother tongue, lots of options are there to monetize your skills in your mother tongue.

5. Boost your confidence
Generally, most children of immigrants forget mother tongue, or sometimes their parents don’t make them aware of it. But, parents need to understand the fact that speaking their mother tongue is a source of pride for children. It makes them of their culture and heritage. Moreover, it helps in boosting up their confidence.

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