A Tribute to The Leader of Peasants- Muhammad Fazil Rahu

By: Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
[The Writer is a freelance columnist based, Journalist and Law Student Based in Sujawal.]

Fazil Rahu(1934 – 17 January 1987) A leader who rendered selfless services for the peasants and poverty-stricken masses of Sindh. He laid down his life for the rights of downtrodden people and created mass awareness against the dictatorial regimes that had badly joggled the political structure of the country and curtailed constitutional machinery from working.

He still rules on the hearts of the poor people of Sindh because he was an echoing voice of their rights and never compromised on those.. He was among those very few leaders of this country who had an inner attachment with the people of his land. Mohammad Fazil Rahu was born and brought up in the family of Ahmad Khan Rahu a landowner and notable figure of Rahuki- A Small town of district Badin.

Whenever attempts were made to deprive Sindh of its rights Rahu stood up front to foil those attempts. He was an integral part of all campaigns set into motion for the rights of Sindh. Rahu was deeply Inspired by the ideology of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed, he started his political career by contesting BD elections of 1962 and was elected as a member of the Union Council Tarai and later he became chairman of that union Council.

When the campaign for Presidential elections of 1965 was at full swing, the prominent leftist vividly supported Mohrama Fatma Jinnah and became part of her caravan. In 1966 when the then ruler of the country- Ayub Khan allotted the lands of district Badin to his bosom friends, Rahu was the first political leader of the area to have revolted against that decision, and from that day he became a bitter pill to swallow for the dictators.

Along with another prominent leader of Sindh Rasool Bux Palijo, the Rahu of Badin was the moving spirit behind the ” One Unit Dissolution” Movement. And Later that duo also launched a Province-wide campaign for the publication of voters list in Sindh. Rahu led a historical procession against the one unit move from Badin to Hyderabad.
After Ayoub and Yahyah he also locked horns with general Zia-Ul- Haq and led huge processions during the MRD Movement, After Palijo was Jailed he led the MRD movement and kept mobilizing political leaders and people from across the country to wrangle with the dictator of the time.
He was imprisoned several times in different jails of the country for supporting the cause of peasants and poor masses and for foiling the conspiracies hatched against his land. Rahu is credited for creating awareness among peasants, laborers, and the poor class, he taught them the way of raising the voice for their rights.
Rahu served as the general secretary of Sindhi Awami Taherik, Senior vice President of Awami National Party, President of Sindhi Hari Tahrik, and Joint Secretary of MRD.
Under a deep-rooted conspiracy he was axed to death on 17 January 1987 when he was addressing a huge gathering in Golarchi. Every year on his death anniversary a large number of people gather on his mausoleum to pay homage to the brave son of Sindh

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