Talks underway in Doha for Gaza truce extension: CNN

As the extended Gaza truce enters its final day, regional powers and the US are holding consultations to extend the pause in the Israel-Hamas war, according to CNN.

“During discussions in Doha, Qatar, Tuesday, officials representing Israel, the US, Qatar and Egypt were in consensus about working toward extending the current pause in the Israel-Hamas war to get more hostages out of Gaza,” the US media outlet reported, citing an unnamed source familiar with the discussions.

The expectation is that if everything goes well on the sixth day of the truce Wednesday —and Hamas releases at least 10 Israeli hostages as planned — Hamas could produce an additional list of hostages for the following day, extending the pause for another 24 hours, the source said.

“Negotiators believe there are enough women and children in Hamas captivity to extend the truce by two additional days before the discussion turns to men and soldier hostages.”

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