Corona: More than 1.655 million deaths worldwide, a record number of deaths in the United States

The death toll from Corona worldwide has exceeded 1.655 million, while the United States has recorded a record 3,700 deaths in 24 hours.

In addition to the record deaths in the United States, two and a half million patients have also come forward in a single day, after which the total number of corona cases has exceeded 173.92 million, while the death toll has exceeded 314,000.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FDA) has approved the Coronation Attest Kit, which can be purchased from stores and used at home.

The death toll from Corona in Britain has risen sharply to 612 in a single day.

The total number of deaths from corona in the UK has risen to more than 65,000, with 25,000 new cases reported.

India is the second worst affected country by Corona, with a total of more than 9.9 million cases and more than 144,000 deaths.

In addition, Brazil, Russia and France are also badly affected by Corona, with 183,000 deaths in Brazil, 59,000 in France and more than 48,000 in Russia.

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