Canada’s Pickering is the world’s tallest pedestrian tower


An 820-foot-long tower built for pedestrians on a highway in the Canadian province of Ontario has been added to the Guinness World Record as the world’s tallest enclosed pedestrian tower.

The Pickering Pedestrian Bridge, built by Metrolinx on Ontario’s Highway 401, was confirmed by Guinness to be the longest enclosed pedestrian tower in the world, after Guinness officially confirmed its measurement. Have given.

Annie Marie Eikens, spokeswoman for the tower’s construction company, said the tower was completed in September 2018 and the transit agency contacted Guinness in 2020 for a world record of its length. And now, a year later, it has been approved.

The bridge connects the Pickering Go train station with the Pickering town center and stretches over 14 lanes of highway, six railway tracks and an urban road.

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