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Do potatoes only cause obesity? Nutritionists clarify misconception about potatoes


Nutritionists say that there is a misconception about potatoes that they lack nutrition, but that they only cause obesity; Is a mirror.

According to nutritionists, 173 grams of potatoes have calories 161 while vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, fiber and vitamin B3 are also found.
Abstaining from eating potatoes does not prove that humans will become slimmer and smarter now, experts say that those who do rigorous exercise on a daily basis to eat boiled potatoes on a daily basis. That potatoes are a healthy diet and not harmful health.

Nutritionists say that every diet is healthy and over-the-counter can lead to harmful health, as well as potatoes, which can be used to enhance health and relieve many complaints.

Following are the many positive effects on the body from the use of potatoes prescribed by nutritionists: Knowing that you also stop running from potato licks, potato salads, potato pies, baked and boiled potatoes. Rather, adding these nutrients to the routine will make life more enjoyable.
According to nutritionists, potatoes contain a unique acid that improves mental health. According to nutritionists, people with Alzheimer’s disease should make more use of potatoes.

Potassium in potatoes relaxes the muscles and repairs muscles affected by exercise or exhaustion, because of the calcium found in potatoes, it strengthens bones.

According to nutritionists, where carbohydrates are found in potatoes, they also contain fiber, which improves the digestive system.

The use of potatoes balances blood pressure, can be eaten as a salad, potatoes baked or even boiled.
Potatoes can also be used as beauty agents.

The vitamin C contained in it makes the skin clean, transparent and stainless and naturally bleaches facial hair.

Potato slices can be cut and massaged to the face, it eliminates acne within days, and elimination of dark circles around the eyes is also possible.

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