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Hyderabad beomes highest COVID positivity ratio city in the country

KARACHI: A sharp increase in COVID-19 positivity rate has been witnessed in the past several weeks with the number surpassing 15% in Hyderabad, Gilgit and Multan.

According to the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC), the overall positivity rate stands at 4.5% with Hyderabad reporting the highest at 16.59%. Multan recorded 15.97%, Gilgit 15.38, Muzafarabad 14.12 % , Mirpur 11.11% , Peshawar 9.69%, Quetta 8.03%, Islamabad 7.48 %, Karachi 7.12% , Lahore 5.37 % and Rawalpindi reported 4.63% positivity rate.

Breakdown of positivity ratio in major cities:

  • Hyderabad: 16.59pc
  • Multan: 15.97pc
  • Gilgit: 15.38pc
  • Muzaffarabad: 14.12pc
  • Mirpur: 11.11pc
  • Peshawar: 9.69pc
  • Quetta: 8.03pc
  • Islamabad: 7.48pc
  • Karachi: 7.12pc
  • Lahore: 5.37pc
  • Rawalpindi: 4.63pc

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